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Why stop at Veggies? Don't forget the add-ons!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Did you know you can buy farm fresh eggs, fruit, mushrooms and flower shares to pick up every week along with your regular CSA share?

If you're already signed up for the CSA, there is no additional membership charge ($15 if you're not already signed up).

Egg share- For $130, 24 weeks, 1 dozen eggs each week! That's just a little over $5 each week!

Fruit share starts when more fruit is in season, so it is a 15 week period.

Fruit share is $250 is 15 weeks and is a very generous amount of fruit!

Flower Share- 10 weeks @ $80

Here at Circle Brook Farm we grow a large assortment of ornamental flowers.

These are sold at our Farmer’s markets for $10/bouquet. This year we will offer a

flower share during a 10 week period, beginning in Mid-July and ending by late

September. Varieties will include: Snapdragons, Lisianthus, Sunflowers, and mixed

bouquets featuring Zinnias, Cosmos, Celosias and other beautiful blooms.

Brighten up your Day!

Mushroom Share- 24 weeks @ $240 for 1/2 lb.

Joe Aochoa is the owner/operator of Innoculated LLC. The company produces

certified organic Exotic mushrooms in Fairfield NJ. This year, we are pleased to

partner with Joe, to provide members with a weekly mushroom share.

Each week you will receive a half lb. box with an assortment of different culinary

mushrooms. Varieties will include Blue, Green, or Yellow Oysters, Lion’s mane,

Black Trumpets, Pioppinos, and shitakes.

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