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Our CSA Farmer
John Kruger
Circlebrook Farm

Andover, NJ

My name is John Krueger and I am the owner/operator of Circle Brook Farm in Sussex County, NJ. I have been interested in organic gardening for over 25 years, as an avid gardener, and as co-founder and an officer of the Cook Organic Gardening Club. I earned a B.S. in Environmental Science from Cook College, Rutgers University in 1989.
In 1996 I was hired as Farm Manager of Heirloom Harvest Farm in Blairstown NJ. During my six years at Heirloom Harvest, I was able to draw on my experience as an organic gardener and to gain experience in the techniques and equipment for larger-scale vegetable production. I was given the opportunity to attend numerous conferences and workshops related to organic farming.

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