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Welcome Back to the CSA!

It's time to start the CSA again! Welcome to first timers, and welcome back to our returning members! Here is a run-through and reminder of the procedure for picking up your CSA every Friday!

Know your pick-up location and time, which has been sent to you in email by your local CSA organizers.

Try not to come earlier than the starting time, as we are working to set it up for you!

Come Prepared

Bring your own re-usable bags to pick up your share.

Sign in!

We keep track to make sure all have come to get their shares!

Take notice of the boards explaining your share

You have either signed up for a Premium, a Basic, or a Pre-bagged Medium share.

Pre Bagged will be waiting for you and just take the bag.

There will be a Premium Board, and a Basic Board, detailing the items to be selected and how many of each item to take and place in your re-usable bags.

Be Courteous and Honorable

Do not handle all of the produce, but instead please try take the designated amount without handling the rest.

Do not take more than your share. Even if you do not like a particular item, you may not take extra of another item. Farmer John carefully sends the right amount of each item. Taking more than your share will leave someone else shorted.

Be courteous to volunteers and eachother when parking, avoiding blocking others.

Enjoy the 2023 CSA Season!

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