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Turn-ip for new challenges

Avoiding that bunch or two of radish, or that kale in the back of the fridge? Scared of those "salad turnips" that show up this time of year at the CSA? Wondering what to do with those delicata squash? Never fear! We've got you covered on great ways to use them up and sit back, feeling great that you are nourishing yourself.

Salad Turnips, and Radishes

My good friend Mary has a son that looooves radishes. He calls radishes "spicy apples", and diakon radish are "spicy carrots". He will eat a bunch at a time. That's not most of us. Most of us use a radish or two in a salad, or on top of a taco, but a whole bunch, or two or three bunches? What do we do? If you've not tried roasted radishes yet, you simply must. You will eat an entire bunch at once. In fact, it's one of my favorite breakfast veggies! These are great any time. Roasting them really mellows it out and tastes amazing. Salad turnips are incredibly mild, and sweet and creamy after roasting! Try this amazing recipe of roasting both together. If you are feeling super motivated, make a pesto from their tops as in this recipe! But even if you skip that and throw the tops in the composter, you've got a yummy dish that is sure to please the family.

Or try this fabulous radish slaw with your next taco night!

Delicata Squash (and why not use the kale with it!)

For a little more sophistication, check out this Roasted delicata with crunchy kale and feta! I will definitely be making this one! t into half-moon slices, which my same little radish-obsessed friend calls "orange smileys". What kid wouldn't want to eat sweet smileys? Roast at 400 for 20 minutes and call it dinner!

For a little more sophistication, check out this Roasted delicated with crunchy kale and feta! I will definitely be making this one!


Getting tired of herbs and looking for inspiration on what to do? Chop that dill into your salad along with beets and clementine segments, maybe a pickled onion. Make a potato salad with dill!

Pick the last of the basil for the year and make a salad dressing you will crave until next garden season! When I make sweet basil vinaigrette I get no complaints about dinner salads!


Overwhelmed by potatoes? There are so many ways to use them, and besides, they thankfully keep a long time. What a miracle! From soups, to grilled potatoes, salads, to mashed for the upcoming holidays, there are endless ways to prepare them.

How about thin sliced for layering at the bottom of your quiche for a whole food, gluten free crust?

If you want to try something different and fun, try making these deviled potatoes! What a fun way to impress when entertaining, or a cute offering at a barbecue or potluck!

Here's to the remainder of the CSA season, and all the fall bounty that is to come!

Enjoy, friends!

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