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There's still time! Join the CSA!

Ahh, spring has finally arrived, warm days and clear skies and sunshine, and the urge to eat fresh fruit and veggies to wake up our bodies and souls from the slumber of the cold! Let's get our produce on, kids!

The first CSA delivery is coming soon, but there's still time to sign up with us! We have packages of all sizes to fit your needs. From single people to larger households, we have options! And the best part is that it's direct from farmer to you. Can't get fresher than this!

Contact us at to sign up!

Meanwhile let's share some wonderful spring veggie and fruit ideas to wake up our bodies and senses! We're gonna start with some greens and work our way through the rainbow!

Lemon Orzo Pasta with Asparagus and Snap Peas

Dig into this green powerhouse dinner deliciousness!

Recipe here

Recipe here!

Lentil Salad with Spring Veggies

Every time i eat Lentil salad, I feel like I'm back in Paris in the springtime. Oooo la la!

Recipe here!


Coconut Tofu with Snap Peas

Try something different, tasty, and healthy!

Recipe here!

Carrot Salad

A tasty side dish that everyone will eat up quickly! Pat yourself on the back for the nutritional value you just added to your meal!

Recipe here!


Easy Fresh Strawberry Mousse

Whip this up in no time and amaze and delight your loved ones!

Recipe here!


Roasted Radishes

If you thought you didnt like Radishes, you need to try roasting them. It's a whole different experience. Your only problem will be making sure you keep tons of radishes around because you're gonna want more!!!

Recipe here!


If you are as Inspired as me, imagine all you can do when you have a fresh load of fresh-from-the-farm produce every week to play with! We will keep giving you recipes that will coordinate with the seasonal veggies you will get that week, so you always have ideas for them!

To all our members, thank you and we can't wait to see you again!

To sign up, email us at and join the CSA family! we can't wait to meet you!

See you on June 14th for the first pick-up of the year!!!

All the best,


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