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Get PREpared

Our lives always seem to get busier as fall approaches - kids going to school, work schedules get busier, and then by October we are already thinking of our Thanksgiving and christmas plans.

The best way to be super ready and super healthy as we go into the fall and winter season, is to get prepared! the important part is the PRE- we gotta do this BEFOREhand, while we still have a little time and daylight and a glorious abundance from our local organic CSA.

This blog today will feature some amazing recipes that are not only delicious now, but also, you can freeze them and keep them for darker days when you just can't anymore.

So come on, everyone. If you've sauced and canned your tomatoes, frozen that extra corn and string beans, there's SO much more waiting for us to do!

Get your family and friends together, and have a PREparing party!

Cook and freeze

Don't know what to do with your veggies? if you're not gonna eat them right away, cook them (roast, steam, bake, grill, whatever) and keep them in the freezer! They're a ready side dish for your rushing dinners, layer the cooked veggies in lasagna or over pasta, over rice, potatoes, in burritos with rice, etc.

You know what else you can do with cooked veggies?

Make them the filling in a TAMALE!


If you haven't made tamales before, they're not hard, and it's super fun! You can have a tamale making party, and make lots of different flavors with your favorite fillings.

You can fill with beans and cheese, veggies and potatoes, peppers and onions, cooked veggies - your imagination is the limit.

Don't forget to use the homemade salsa you made from all the tomatoes this summer! (or store bought is fine haha!)

Did I mention that you can FREEZE the cooked tamales as well, and cook up homemade tamales in a flash on a busy night? You got this!!!

I've included 2 recipes here that share lots of different filling ideas!


If that cabbage keeps staring at you, it's because it wants to go into something amazing!

Amazing doesn't have to be difficult!

Why not try making egg rolls? Theyre actually pretty gosh darn quick, and packed with nutritious veggies. Cabbage, carrots, onion, garlic, mushrooms, or switch it up and put in some broccoli, bell peppers, leeks, peas, string beans... add your proteins of choice, whatever you want!!!!

Buy some premade egg roll wrappers and have a party! Make so many that you freeze them uncooked and then fry them up when you really want take out but don't want to wait and don't need all those mystery ingredients.

Here's the basics for an egg roll:

Want to skip the fried wrappers?


Today's Tomatillos are Tomorrow's Tastiness!

We've covered salsa verde, but what else can you make with tomatillos?

You can make a lovely Pozole verde, a comforting and flavorful soup that will bring the fall coziness feeling to your tummy. Make a bunch and freeze it for winter scrumptiousness.

OK, and what can I make and eat NOW?

Of course you can make and eat any of these items right now instead of saving them for colder days. But you can also eat some of the more fresh tasty delicacies right now, while the warmer weather still glows on us.

Don't know what the heck to do with that diakon? Try these:

Raw Diakon Spring Rolls

You will need a veggie sheet cutter or a mandolin for this, but it's worth the effort and oh-so-impressive.

Just BEET it

We are going to be seeing more beets in our CSA shares. Sure, you can cook and freeze, pickle and can, and go ahead and do that for some!

But a fresh beet simply must also be enjoyed right away, don't you agree my friends?

And here are some fantastic ways to enjoy them!

Beet Gnocchi with Walnut-Sage Butter

Roasted Beets and Celery Root with Goat Butter

Until next time, fellow veggie lovers, go get PREpared for fall, and don't forget to nibble along the way!!!


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