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CSA Summer is Here!

Welcome to CSA week 2, friends! When the new season begins, we often have some new and interesting veggies that you won't find in the usual grocery stores. What do we do with them? And what can we do with some other veggies we may know but haven't cooked in a while?

Never fear, recipes are here!

Hakurei Salad turnips

These salad turnips are a delight to eat raw, but it's ok if you want to cook them too. You can grill them or steam them if you like!

Here is a delicious and innovative asian-inspired salad to highlight the flavor of these wonderful seasonal delights! this will also use your lettuce from the CSA this week, too!

White turnip salad with avocado and candied pecans

recipe here!

Kohlrabi Slaw!

These guys look like they're from outer space, I know. But they're a delicious crispy wonder that's just perfect for slaw. Let's make a cruciferous veggie slaw for the win! You can even use your cilantro from last week if you haven't gobbled that up already!

Recipe here!

Snap Peas!

I think we've all had snap peas before, but it's always good to find new ways to eat them! And if you still have those radishes from last week, what a great recipe to use them both, and smile with a full, happy, healthy belly!

Snap pea Salad with Radishes, Mint, and Ricotta Salata

Recipe here!


By now we all know and love Basil, in pasta dishes, salads, wraps, caprese salad, and even dressings. I'm gonna go to the time-tested classic for this week's recipe: PESTO SAUCE!

Schmear it on your sandwhiches, or toss on top of grilled veggies, or your favorite cooked pasta, or all the above. All I can say is you better make lots of it because you're gonna want more!

For a different twist, check out my Sweet Basil Vinaigrette recipe from previous blogs, right here:

Basil Pesto

Grill up slices of zuchinni and toss into some pasta for a delicious summer dinner! Or even spiralize the zuchinni and use in place of pasta for a low carb option!


Yeah, many of us have cucumbers in our fridge and use them all the time. But we can always use some new ideas, especially when we findoutselves with too many cukes!

Let's try this asian inspired cucumber salad this week!

Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad

Recipe here:


Kale is so versatile and can be prepared many ways, from massaged raw kale, to saueed greens, to kale chips, there are always options to delight!

How about some Kale Chips?

Recipe here:

Or try this Kale and Corn succotash:

Watch your family eat it ALL, and cry when here's no more left! It's THAT GOOD!

Well my friends, as always, if you have a favorite way to prepare any fruit or veggie, feel free to share with us and we will be so happy to share your recipe with all of our CSA community!

As always, stay cool, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and keep eating the rainbow with us!

All the best


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