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One Missed Call |TOP|

A paramedic rescues a young girl from the blazing Saint Luke's hospital before unsuccessfully inquiring about her mother's whereabouts. Sometime afterwards, undergraduate Shelley Baum hears her cat meowing near her koi pond. After she heads over to investigate, a hand appears and drowns her and her cat. Days later, college students Beth Raymond and Leann Cole discuss Shelley's funeral. Leann's cellphone rings in a lullaby-esque ringtone, with a call from Shelley. She opens it to an eerie voicemail of herself, dated for June 12 at 10:17 PM. Subsequently suffering from disturbing hallucinations, she calls Beth while returning from a study session. Beth rushes to her location but arrives just as Leann falls off an overpass and is struck by a train. A red candy pops out of her mouth, and her severed hand dials a number on her phone. At Leann's funeral, her ex-boyfriend Brian Sousa departs after experiencing hallucinations. Outside a coffee shop, he shows Beth Leann's post-mortem voicemail, dated minutes away. An acetylene tank explosion from the adjacent construction site launches debris into the air, and a rebar impales Brian's torso. A red candy is ejected from his mouth, and he collapses.

One Missed Call

The next day, Beth meets police detective Jack Andrews, who mentions that his sister Jean interned with Shelley at Saint Luke's and died two days prior. They determine the events are interrelated, and he provides his contact card. Beth consoles her friend Taylor Anthony, who is distraught by a premonitory feeling of being the next victim, by removing the batteries from their cellphones to disable them. That night, Taylor's cellphone rings, which she opens to a video of her apparent demise. The following morning, Jack and Beth research geriatric nurse Marie Layton, originator of the calls, and find the autopsy report of her eldest daughter Ellie, who died from an acute asthmatic episode. The file, mentioning "no bruising but evidence of past scars" with an attached CPS file for further consultation, indicates that Jean, a psychiatric nurse, questioned Marie at Saint Luke's and noted nine admissions between April and May for Ellie and her sister Laurel, concerning several causes, leading Beth to assume that Marie had FDIA.

At Laurel's foster home, Jack uncovers a compact disc from the nanny cam embedded in the eye of Laurel's teddy bear. The footage reveals Ellie incising Laurel with a knife in their bedroom. Marie entered shortly thereafter, discovered Ellie's abusiveness, and rushed Laurel to the hospital. Ellie, locked inside, began pressing wheezingly on the inhaler but was overwhelmed and collapsed, facing the future curse's constituents (millipedes, an uncanny doll of a mother with baby in a perambulator (hallucinations), and the lullaby-esque music emanating from the teddy, audible during every victim's call), before dying from asphyxia while dialing her mother's phone number. Laurel imparts that though Ellie injured her, she always provided candies. Realizing Ellie caused the curse, he drives to Beth's house, during which a colleague informs him of a new voicemail. After he enters, somebody knocks on the door. As he peers through the peephole, a knife stabs through it, killing him. Ellie appears and attacks Beth, but Marie's spirit intervenes, bounds Ellie in Jack's phone, and reconciles with Beth before evanescing. Jack's mouth spills a red candy and his cellphone auto-dials.

What if your life depended on answering your cell phone? What if you knew when, where and how you are to die? What if you had chosen to answer that One Missed Call?\\n\\nIt begins innocently enough, a call unanswered on a cell phone. But the voice mail is from you--three days in the future--and the sound you hear is your own as you are being murdered. It starts with one call, but that's not the end in this bone-chilling tale of terror. Should you pick up the cell phone? Can you do anything to change your fate? Do you want to know the time, place and way you are to die?

This has dated incredibly aggressively and I'm not sure if the plot made thattt much sense but fuck me the scares work so well here. Despite his usual bombastic style, Miike really knows how to be subtle when a film calls for it

Sorry, couldn't resist! One Missed Call is a slickly effective j-horror with scares in all the right places. The basic premise is that people receive a call on their mobile phone, apparently from their own number, which leaves an eerie voice-mail message foretelling of their imminent death. As one person is killed, another number is called from the victim's phone and so the 'virus' propagates.

Yo, I know this is an old review but I was looking for some kind of explanation about the whole plot as I was somewhat confused about certain things and how they were connected. It wasn't the answer I was hoping for, but you summarized it beautifully with your snarky cynicism: "it's dumb". Thing is, I haven't actually watched any of the movies, only read the mangas. But all in all, they seem to be almost identical to the movies. Although there are a few lines at the end of the second part of the manga that I'm not sure I understood correctly, and I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on.The lines are on the two last pages of the manga, where Takako just realized she died in the cave. Her lines are:"And... The demon... Did I awaken it?""The demon that lay dormant inside me..."What do you think she refers too? Is she just referring to her death, that she has become a vengeful spirit/ghost just like Lily and Mimiko and is destined to kill people as they did? (Kinda making this assumption based on the ending of One missed call 2 where she smiles like a maniac, I looked the ending up on youtube to try and get an answer.) Or is she referring to something else she let loose? The best explanation I can come up with regarding the "dormant" part is that she is referring to the abuse theme of the story. That her backstory might also have experienced some sort of tragedy or abuse in her childhood which is why she became a ghost as well.

I am so glad I read this because I've seen the first so many times and have always loved it and was so pumped to learn more about mimiko. I mean even within the first scene with the child and it's mother. I thought that was gunna be some crazy foreshadowing but it wasn't. I sat there and kept re watching parts just trying to look for some connection between Mimiko and LiLi but there was absolutely none. They just haaad to throw mimiko into the mix with the whole "cole lining." Bullshit when it's clear she died of a fucking asthma attack I mean shit you hear the sounds of the inhaler throughout the first movie but nooo just forget that and let's just squeeze in there that it was LiLi who was responsible for the death of Mimiko. No flashbacks of what happened. No explanation. It's just like after you hear about the autopsy and shit they pretty much put mimiko and her amazing plot aside completely. I mean, what in the actual fuck? It would have been one thing if maybe they seperated the two and just ran with LiLi's story and excluded the original ringtone (which was clearly a vital detail in the first movie. It was a song from a child's tv show for gods sake and I doubt they aired the same show almost 100 years ago lol) and just went with the whole "missed call" route, because they do explain why the calls were being made and it would fit better with the whole twin story as well. That alone would have just made it a lot better if they would have ran with it as it's own story instead of trying to merge the two. I was hella confused and just sorta left with this feeling like... what was even the point of the first like HALF of the movie. Completly ridiculous.

Anytime I receive an incoming call and I look back into my recent call log, it shows a missed call first. I have confirmed with people that they only called once and i answered, but there is literally a missed call for every incoming call I have received. This only happens with phone calls, not FaceTime calls. I also never receive a notification about a missed call from these. I just see it in the recents phone log. You can see in the picture that it happened 4 times. My phone has the most recent update: iOS 14.0.1

Does this happen with all calls you receive, or just calls from specific contacts? Do you currently have call forwarding set up, or did you have that set up previously? If so, does the issue occur when people call the number that calls are being forwarded from? 041b061a72


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