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Joshua Cox
Joshua Cox

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order CODEX, FitGirl

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order CODEX, FitGirl

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after all, no matter who you are or where youre from, theres always a place for you in the galaxy. as the legendary jedi knight, you must complete an epic story that branches out into three distinct campaigns spanning more than 20 hours of gameplay. if youre new to the force, youll learn the ins and outs of this mystic power as you master the art of lightsaber combat and explore the mysteries of the force. as a jedi padawan, youll learn the ways of the force, master your lightsaber, and assemble a team of jedi knights that will become your allies and your family. each character has their own backstory and their own abilities, and the choices you make throughout your journey will shape your character, your destiny, and the future of the galaxy.


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