In my last blog, I wrote about how my youthful disdain for Brussels sprouts converted into a later-in-life obsession for them. Revisiting this vegetable with matured taste buds was definitely a positive move.

I am now working on developing a taste for arugula, but admit I was happy to swap mine recently for another item with a CSA member who loves it.

Feel free to swap or donate items from your personal bounty with others so nothing goes to waste.

As my pets would say through their body language, “Sharesies are good!”

When I'm preparing dinner, I usually share a healthy snack with our pets. We have two dogs, a cat and now a hamster.

My beagle is not a veggie fan, so this is rare footage meant to make me look bad I think. I have never seen this type of enthusiasm for something green.

On the other hand, my pippet loves any veggie I give her, including beans, peas, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, etc. She always waits patiently and takes her snack so politely.

If you have any cute photos you would like to share of your pets snacking on a veggie that is safe for them, please email them to me at Include your pet's name.

Last year, I had a few adorable submissions and would like to show off our family of CSA pets.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!


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