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Friday, June 12, 2020 Our 1st week of 24

The first delivery of fresh, local organic vegetables will be on roll out on Friday, June, 12 and will run for 24 weeks. The farm we are supporting is Circle Brook Farm located in Andover, NJ For some of you the attached information is redundant but just so I make sure we haven't forgotten anything, please find the registration form below. We are happy to answer any questions. Pick up locations will be on Fridays at 3 PM - 8 PM  Maxim Road in Howell, NJ. If you are interested in picking up at our 5th Avenue West Belmar or Bergerville Road Freehold location please let me know and I will connect you with the CSA coordinators at those locations.  Twenty-four weeks of beautiful, healthy and organic NJ produce!  Although we pay in full ahead of time here is the weekly cost breakdown of each share option:  - full premium share - $720 which is $30 per week for 24 weeks   - premium half share  - $360 which is $30 per week for 12 weeks   - full basic share  - $600 which is $25 per week for 24 weeks   - half basic share  - $300 which is $25 per week for 12 weeks  The differences between a basic and premium share are as follows: A basic share is about 80% of the size of a premium share. The premium share has one or 2 items, not in a basic share and a slightly larger quantity of some of the regular items distributed by count. For example 4 onions and/or peppers and/or zucchini vs 3 in a basic share. If you are taking a half share, please know that you will be splitting it with another partner. If you do not have a friend to share it with we will be matching members up randomly. Since this is a community and volunteer group, we don’t have the resources available to split the full shares into half shares for you. We highly suggest you alternate pick up weeks and not split a weekly share.  We will be sending emails and posting on Facebook all updates. If you have not joined our Facebook Group yet, please do in the event you do not get the emails. Instagram @HowellAreaCSA 

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