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Chillin' Out

It's clear the fall has arrived. There's a pleasant fresh chill in the air, the leaves are changing color, apples and pumpkins are ready to be picked. Now, if you're anything like me, your dreams of fitting into that sassy dress this summer have faded, and you're thinking about apple cider donuts, pumpkin pie, thanksgiving feasts, and christmas cookies.

Stay strong, my friends! Next summer will be here soon enough, and maybe- just maybe, we will rock that sassy dress if we keep eating our rainbow through the winter!

Hang on, help is on the way! Let's utilize the best of the fall harvests to keep us strong and healthy through the winter!

What shall we do with sweet potatoes, delicata squash, collard greens, cauliflower, red onions, carrots, kale, radishes and beets? We're gonna eat them - that's what!

Collard Greens

Who doesn't love black eyed peas and collard greens?

Or cooked down collards as a side dish (I boil them a good 8 minutes then drain and saute in olive oil with garlic, salt, and spices, maybe a little liquid smoke, then toss some beans on for the last couple minutes!)

Collard Greens are delicious and nutritious! Have you tried Collard Wraps?

Simply blanch the collard leaf for a minute, tops. Then they are flexible and ready to schmear with some sauce, dressing, or filling like hummus, or chickpea tuna, or whatever you feel! Stuff with veggies like shredded beets, cabbage, lettuce, onion, peppers, and avocado! or some cooked sweet potato or winter squashes! You can even stuff in some cooked grains like quinoa, or rice, or noodles! herbs and microgreens top it all off for a win!

Here are 3 fantastic variations on a collard wrap for you to try!

Rainbow Collard wraps with grated beets, turmeric, tofu and avocado, in a tahini sauce

Buffalo Chickpea Collard Wraps!

A yummy blend of chickpeas and cream cheese with just enough buffalo hot sauce, stuffed with cucumber, carrot and avocado!

Asian Inspired Rainbow Collard Wraps with peanut sauce!

With shredded cabbage, cucumber, mango, cilantro, and NOODLES, with peanut sauce!

Black bean and rice burrito-inspired collard wraps!

The sky is the limit! Try stuffing with your collard wraps with even more veggies from the CSA for maximum farm fresh goodness!!!!

Delicata Squash

This is maybe the easiest of the fall squashes - no peeling!

Pair with kale or other winter greens for a hearty salad!

Or just roast on it's own and serve it as a side dish!

You can also halve them and fill them with amazing stuffings!

Harvest Moon Kale Caesar Salad with Creamy Maple Mustard Dressing

Roasted Delicata Squash, Pomegranate and Arugula Salad

Brown Sugar Delicata Squash Recipe

You can't go wrong with any of these recipes!


I don't know about you all, but carrots don't last very long around my kitchen. They always end up in wraps, soups, and salads, and even salad dressings!

Let's add a fancy carrot alternative for fun!

How about Carrot Fritters!! Yes please!


Until next time, dear reader friends, keep eating the rainbow, and I wish you all a happy and healthy autumn!

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