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[S3E14] Insensitive

Mother and daughter are taken to the emergency room at Princeton-Plainsboro. Foreman treats the daughter and House comes looking for him. House observes as Forman tells the girl what he's doing could hurt. When he touches the bandage to her injury, she whimpers. She asks if they can hurry it up because she wants to see her mom. House tells Forman to take his time. As she winces, House diagnoses the daughter with CIPA, a condition that makes the patient insensitive to pain, but she denies it.

[S3E14] Insensitive

His frustration a nice reminder that Walter does not realize how he is coming off all of the time. Sure, he knows that he's usually always insensitive, but it's not what he is thinking about when he is trying to save a kid's life.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is emotionally depressed and seeks help from a psychic whereas Angelina celebrates her bachelorette party. She squanders on wedding dresses and finally walks the aisle with Chris Larangeira. Of course, even the wedding is accompanied by drama since Snooki, JWoww, and Deena Cortese give insensitive speeches. This leads to hostility between Angelina and the other ladies.

All the eight girls of season three gather to discuss their behavior with the host, Perez Hilton. Amber M. states that it was difficult to stay the whole season and quickly gets into an argument with Tiffany, who doesn't believe that Amber knew what the show was about and went on it, all the while Ashley gets into an argument with the other Amber. Amber B. says that she is not going to assault anyone on the Reunion. The girls revisit the drama of the last days and Amber M. and Tiffany argue even more. Afterwards, Ailea and Whitney come up onto the stage and Amber M. and Whitney argue about the Ambers secluding themselves. The Cancun fight is brought up and Perez disagrees with the Fab 5 who think it wasn't that bad. Perez asks the purpose of The Amber Show, and Amber M. reveals that it definitely wasn't made to make everyone else angry. Amber B. apologizes to Ailea for talking about Kevin badly. Kayla then comes up onto the stage and quickly gets into a heated argument with Ashley who found her comment to be racially insensitive, which leads to a screaming match and then even a fight between the two. Later on, Perez brings up all the dates the girls had had. Noah is ready to be back with Sarah and Greg revisits his and Amber B.'s relationship, confirming that they did have sex. The girls get to say last few words about what's going on with their lives right now and leave the stage. Tiffany and Amber M. share a hug to stay friends.

As silly as it is insensitive, "No Meals on Wheels" is a particularly goofy episode of Family Guy. While the show often forces Joe to be the butt of many jokes, it feels particularly out-of-hand in this season 5 outing.

To make this episode even darker, it also has a gag about Peter killing a bunch of people at the Boston Marathon, and it aired just a couple of weeks before the tragic Boston Marathon bombings. Line-crossing to some and outright insensitive to others, "Turban Cowboy" showcased just how unafraid Family Guy's showrunners were to make light of taboo subjects.

Meanwhile, Eduardo has constructed a massive stunt track where he plans to ride a small tricycle down a massive ramp and jump through a burning hoop. Bloo notices that there is a still-intact Bloo card in the spokes of Ed's trike. Bloo attempts to retrieve the card only to end up being thrown through the hoop with Eduardo, resulting in the card getting burnt and destroyed. Coco, visibly upset, lays an egg which contains a Bloo card. Bloo is initially ecstatic, only to double take when he realises all of his stats are negative, with his personality being labeled as "Big insensitive jerkface". Eduardo, on the other hand, is excited to see that his personality has been updated from "Scaredy Cat" to "Crazy Idiot", not that he seems to mind. In a rare moment of self-reflection, Bloo follows after Coco to apologise. 041b061a72


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