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Kolkata has some of India's oldest institutes. It has 41 positions among India's 1000 Most Trusted education hub. We have already done deep research on the boarding schools of Kolkata for the last 08 years. The data has been noted and updated time to time about the Fees structure, Location of the school, Facilities offered, Sports indoor & outdoor, Infrastructure, Academic Results, Food served (Veg & Non Veg), Extra Curricular Activities, reviews & feedback from parents & much more.

cum for school babes

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At our digital platform we have listed all the boarding schools of Kolkata and more than 2700+ boarding schools across India.

Thorough assessment of student we find a lot of information about student like his interest, personality, aptitude & orientation style it further help us to advise a best boarding school as per his/her requirement.

We have listed the Popular Boarding schools in Kolkata, Boys Boarding Schools, CBSE Boarding Schools, ICSE Boarding School, Girls Boarding Schools, and International Boarding Schools.

Kolkata has a vast history in terms of best boarding schools. Some of the big old names are as follows. Mount Litera Zee School Kolkata, Julien Day School.,Adamas International School., Praxis Business School., Indus Valley World School, Kolkata, Calcutta Girls' High School Kolkata, The Heritage School, Kolkata and many more.

Parents should visit Boarding Schools of Kolkata from September Onwards. The early you visit the school you will have enough time to research & this will help you to get the best boarding schools for your ward.

The Facilities offered by the Boarding schools in Kolkata varies depends upon the fee structure etc. The popular Facilities include swimming pool, Shooting Range, Cricket, football, basketball courts, lawn tennis courts, Gym and fitness room, squash courts, table tennis, carom board, chess, badminton.

All the Boarding schools in Kolkata have infirmary with In-house trained nurses and regular visiting doctors. Some schools have their own Doctors full time residing at school premises. If you talk about Social Prospective, the school campus remain in the vigil of CCTV Camera & Guards for the whole day and night separately

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