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in terms of gameplay, paradise is structured around inventory puzzles, machine puzzles, and map-reading. inventories are scattered throughout the game, and each one of them contains a number of hotspots. the player must locate and touch these hotspots in order to gain access to certain items. most of the puzzles in the game involve using these items to manipulate machines or travel through the world map. to illustrate, consider the "cactus" puzzle in the game: to make the cactus move toward the player's flag, the player must jump onto the cactus and, while holding the flag, push it toward a machine. only then can the player, in turn, jump off the cactus and onto the machine to receive a reward.

Paradise 1982 DVDRip Itatorrent


the story that unfolds from these mysterious strands is one that will leave players questioning their own memories, as well as the plausibility of events, until the very end. the plot is open-ended, as are the other major puzzles, and paradise will not leave players guessing. the story develops slowly, but smoothly, and the final confrontation is satisfying. the horror elements are very minor, and are only really necessary to propel the plot forward. while some of the scenes are graphic, there is little blood, and even less violence. the music is fine, and the voice acting is perfectly adequate.

paradise is an interesting look at a bygone era of colonialism. it is a thoroughly fun game to play, filled with puzzles and challenges. once the player has become accustomed to the interface, the game is a breeze. there is a great deal of variety in the scenery, from the lush jungle to the barren desert. the game is not without its flaws, and some of the story elements are unclear or hard to follow. the plot and ending feel unsatisfying, and some of the puzzles are too easy to be satisfying. nevertheless, paradise is a must-play game for fans of atmospheric adventures.


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