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[S3E5] Rogue's Gallery REPACK

Batman would later find himself in Metropolis, having followed the Joker to the city. While his long-time nemesis struck a deal with Lex Luthor, he would find himself working with Superman to thwart the plot.[21][22][23] After foiling the Joker's plans to kill the Man of Steel and destroy Metropolis, he would return to the city a couple of times to stop villains from his own rogue's gallery. Batman would also form an unlikely partnership with the young Static when another case brought the heroes into one another's home city. While these two partnerships did not usually start off well, he eventually learned to respect their abilities and trust both of them with his secret identity.[24]

[S3E5] Rogue's Gallery


The episode is built around the comic book villain Mr. Freeze who, in 1992 when the episode debuted, actually wasn't even alive in the comics anymore and wasn't that well-respected a character before his demise. First appearing in 1959's Batman #121, Mr. Freeze was introduced to the world as Mr. Zero, a silly frosty-gimmicked heist-leader who had to be kept at subzero temperatures and used a freezing gun, to get around the era's Comics Code Authority that largely neutered Batman's rogues' gallery of psychos and gangsters and instead replaced them with spacemen, inter-dimensional imps, and sci-fi gimmick villains, such as Mr. Zero. He wouldn't be known as Mr. Freeze until the 1966 Batman TV series when the show made the name change that stuck while maintaining his overall goofy presentation. 041b061a72


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